VAN KAMPEN INVESTMENTS.  While most financial brands were taking a rational approach to investing, we did just the opposite with Van Kampen, by taking a more emotional approach to stand out.  We reminded investors that family and human relationships are the measure of life's true wealth, and the reason for investing.  Worked with John Lindsey, Chris Hunter.

STATE FARM INSURANCE.  Wherever you are in your life--State Farm is right there too.  We identified insightful moments in every woman's life, so the ads engaged women in a more emotional way.  Worked with Sarah Thompson Reaves.

PIMA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION.  Banking can be intimidating, even scary.  By creating a simpler, more likeable and more approachable voice, this brand helped members feel more comfortable.  Comfortable enough to borrow $90 million plus in loans--a new record for Pima Federal.