YOSHINOYA JAPANESE KITCHEN. Starting in 2013, we worked directly with the Yoshinoya brand team to reverse a 5-year sales decline with store re-vamps, new menu offerings and a new website highlighting the brand's freshly cooked-to-order rice bowls (no microwaves), unique in the QSR category. Since 2013, Yoshinoya has produced positive sales growth; same stores sales in late 2017 were up 10.5%!

 SLEEPRATE. Working directly with Sleeprate, we helped launch this clinically-validated sleep aid app, which monitored and improved user's sleeping patterns. By positioning the app as a way to increase  productivity, even improve weight loss and health,  we created buzz in a sleepy category.  With AD Becky Kozlen.

KAY CHESTERFIELD UPHOLSTERY WORKSHOP.  Our client wanted to refresh her website to showcase her craftsmanship--and educate consumers on the benefits of renewing furniture instead of buying new.  Today, Kay Chesterfield continues to lead the green movement, and is the most recognized upholstery brand in the Bay Area. Worked with AD Betsy Grimm.

MYBOTTO Inverted Bottle Holder.  I worked directly with the owners/inventors and helped build the brand from strategy on up, giving mybotto a smart, quirky voice--in store and online.  Proudly, our compelling retail pitch got the brand into Target stores nationwide.

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART Print.  Chuck Close's photo-realism pretty much spoke for itself.  But I wrote some lines anyway.  Worked with Becky Kozlen.

ROYAL PALMS RESORT AND SPA.  Working directly with Royal Palms Marketing team, we strategically re-branded this high-end luxury resort to capture the true magic, charm and history of this one-of-a-kind property.